Easy Snowman Gift Topper


Miss Amelia and I did a fun craft this week. Together we made a fun snowman gift topper for Christmas presents.


Using air dry clay she rolled up several balls of clay. We then inserted two twigs for arms and stuck a needle through the center of each of them so that we could string them up and let them dry. Once dry We painted eyes, a mouth and buttons. Ad glued on a little carrot nose made from paper.


I added a little scarf and used it as a name tag for her. We then splattered a bit of paint onto simple poster paper. Super fun preschool/toddler holiday craft!snowmangifttopper_mermag2  snowmangifttopper_mermag1

And I can’t wait until she opens it. She’s been asking for “Let it Go fingernails” all month which means she wants blue sparkly nail polish like her cousin got for her birthday. So Santa delivered and she’ll just squeal with happiness when she see’s what’s inside :).snowmangifttopper_mermag6

6 Responses to “Easy Snowman Gift Topper”

  1. Joann

    That is super adorable! And I think it would be fun for my older kids to make too (seeing as even this old mom wants to make it!) 😉

  2. Kat | The Mama Bears

    This is just too much!! I’m sad that I’m seeing this now! Now that Christmas is done and all my gift wrapping is finished! Lucky for me, I know some little nuggets with winter birthdays!! 🙂


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