DIY Cardboard Gingerbread Men


Little O has been begging to make gingerbread men the Christmas season. So we finally got to it! – Well of the cardboard variety that is! He has so much fun making different characters, his most favorite being Santa which he now keeps at his bedside each night (this kids a solid through and through believer). MerMagCardbaordGingerbreadSantaDIY2MerMagCardbaordGingerbreadMen+PlaygroundMat1I think it would be so fun to cut up a bunch of these guys and have a little kids Christmas party crafternoon decorating cardboard gingerbread men and women. Would that be the best? I think I must do it some time.

To make these:

  • Download the gingerbread man template (I’ve created an easy 11×14 template which you can print onto two 8.5×11 sheets of paper, or you can size it smaller if you wish).
  • Trace template onto cardboard.
  • Cut out gingerbread men from cardboard. (I used a utility knife for this part)
  • Grab your fabric scraps, paint, buttons, beads and more to decorate you cardboard gingerbread men!




I’m not kidding when I say this kid LOVED making this Santa and additional gingerbread men. He’s such a fun kid to craft with. He LOVES toys and characters and always has the sweetest and silliest things to say about it all when crafting. He was very particular about his Santa and insisted he have fur on his cap.


And how cute are these Hanna Andersson pj’s btw? I think they are having a sale on all their pj’s right just in time for that special Christmas even pj cuddle time! (And what is it about stripes? all my kids have this same style and I die when they wear them all cuddled together for story time).

MerMagCardbaordGingerbreadSantaHannaPjs2MerMagCardbaordGingerbreadMen+PlaygroundMatAlso how cool is this leather Let’s Playground mat!? It’s absolutely our new go to mat for crafting. SO easy to wipe clean and perfect for dumping out all our fun supplies onto. Oh and a girl named Marilee is one of the founders so how can I not love it?!!! 😉

And…in case you’re wondering Olllie did get to make his own batch of real gingerbread men with grandma this afternoon. Nom nom. It’s feeling so festive around these parts!!


December 4, 2014
December 19, 2014



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