Little Miss M’s birthday is coming up, and fast! She’ll be three!! My baby. Wasn’t it just yesterday when this day happened? Last year we had a little house theme birthday party for her with just a few family members. But this year I think we’ll have an official party for her with guests and the like – aaaand….she’ll LOVE that! Which sort of makes me giddy excited about it as well.

I’ve got my eye on a few birthday wish list items that I think she’ll just go nuts for:

01  the dear ones bears. So sweet and simple and perfect little playmates

02  Wooden Popsicle. Because a wooden popsicle, i mean really. I want all of them.

03  KAPLA blocks in black and white. She loves blocks and I love the many play options with Kapla blocks. These striped ones are perfect.

04  Twig Pixie Camera in Into the Wild. We love Twig’s cameras and think we need their latest model with push button and viewfinder.

05  Solly Dolly Wrap. I’m dying for her to have a Solly Dolly Wrap for her to carry around her Mer Mag dolls!

06  Tortoise and Hair linen Rabbit Cape. She’d love to dress up in this – like every day

07  Lessing – The Wall Game. Fun stacking game she’d love to play with her brothers.

08  Zuzi Oxford in dove stripe. Miss M is obsessed with shoes and she’d love these ones.

09  Sugar and Snow Wooden Makeup Case. And speaking of obsessed, well she’s over the moon about make up. Digs through my purse everyday, puts on whatever she can – anytime she can. So a pretty wooden set for her would be just the ticket.


Now to start planning the par-tay! Gathering ideas for the shindig here.



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    September 25, 2015

    I love the Kapla blocks.. and got a little girl as well who loves make up! Love the wooden set (no need to hide our own stuff! ^^)


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