A 2nd Birthday for Little Miss


My baby girl had a birthday this past week and she turned two. We had a mini little family party and she was just the cutest.




I’ve been collecting Mifi books over the past year for her and it was fun to finally wrap them up and give them to her. She LOVES books and I was so happy to see how delighted she was with these. I can’t wait to read this sweet little series with her.


I also tried my hand at a creative cake. Give me some cardboard + tape or wood + paint and I can make a cute house for you. Try to transform a cake into a house and then frost it? Now that’s a whole different story. It’s an entirely different medium I’m not used to or skilled at. So it’s not perfect but she loved it and it did taste rather yummy.



I also found a cute vintage Dick Bruna puzzle for her.


I love the shot above. We set her final gift on her lap and she was super bummed because she wanted to play with her books and puzzle. The boys thought it was hilarious.

But when she unrapped the cloth to find this handmade “baby”, as she calls it, all aprehension was forgotten.

MerMagDaughter2yrOldBirthdaye MerMagDaughter2yrOldBirthdayd

I wanted make her a doll that was large enough for a 2 yr old to cuddle. I also wanted her to be large enough so that her clothing would be easier to make (I loose patience when sewing gets too microscopic). We call her Maggie May as she’s inspired by an illustration and Little Bit story I did of a Mini Maggie May. I’m excited to make her more clothing and we even turned the floral cloth that we wrapped her up in into a bed roll for her (it was originally a prop that Meta made for my book Playful). She now sleeps next to Miss M each night. I sort of love it to death.



October 6, 2014


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    Artist in LA LA Land

    October 8, 2014

    That is the sweetest handmade doll. I’d sleep with Maggie May each night too if she were mine. I’m so happy she had a happy birthday! Thanks for sharing.


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