Best Buddy Valentines

Best Buddy Valentines | Mer Mag Best Buddy Valentines | Mer Mag

Last year, soon after we had first moved into the Banister House, I made a few goofy and silly best buddy Valentines with my oldest son and I thought I’d share a few more photos from that time with you today.

Best Buddy Valentines | Mer MagBest Buddy Valentines | Mer Mag

I remember the day was especially stressful for some reason and my son and I were butting heads. When we first started making these we were both a bit uptight but as the process kept going we both mellowed out and had a lot of fun together. He made the silliest faces and we giggled, and had an overall great time of it in the end.

Best Buddy Valentines | Mer Mag

I find this to be the magic that happens when creating together. Life is so hectic, we all have things we need to do, want to do and really it can feel hard to carve out meaningful time with each other. But I’ve found that it doesn’t have to be tons of time, just a half hour even if that’s all you’ve got, to really have a memorable moment with you children or those you care about. And it doesn’t have to start out perfect with amazing feelings of togetherness either. If we waited for that, well we might never create together! Craft can have that magical effect that calms us and brings us together (yes it can also be a challenging frustration at times and depending on the project – which is a whole other aspect of crafting that I also think is good, but I’ll save that for another post ;)).

Best Buddy Valentines | Mer Mag

I’m just grateful for this particular Valentines creative memory with my son. He’s already a year older and completely growing up all too fast. But forever he will be my best buddy Valentine.

Best Buddy Valentines | Mer Mag

January 25, 2016



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    danielle @ this picture book life

    January 29, 2016

    So sweet!! I love this.

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      January 29, 2016

      oh thanks Danielle. was really such a special creative moment/memory. xo Mer

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    Kat | The Mama Bears

    February 9, 2016

    Your words speak the absolute truth. It definitely gets harder and harder to find the time to really create moments with our little ones, and I’m so happy you shared these sentiments because I was feeling guilty of that myself recently! Crafting with them is such a good idea! Might I also add, what funny characters your son drew! He is quite the artist!


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