I know I sound like every other parent on the planet, but seriously…we JUST HAD THIS 6 year old Lego Party…like yesterday. And here he is today, 7 years old…with a new haircut and looking older then ever.


To celebrate, A, whom we will now refer to as AJ – his preferred nick name, awoke to being seven wrapped shut in his own room. Basically we put wrapping paper over the entire door and put a note on it telling him that he had to jump through into a new year. We got the idea from the amazing Ruth Shultz who has a tradition of covering her kids doorway with streamers for them to jump through each year on their birthday. Needless to say, AJ loved it and broke through with a bang. He was then greeted by a slew of balloons in the hallway followed by birthday spanks.

At the breakfast table he got to sit at the head of the table where there was this simple paper bag crown that I managed to throw together last minute the night before.


Jon made him pancakes complete with chocolate syrup, whip cream, sprinkles and seven candles. He even got to drink his milk out of a tall red glass chalice. He received a few gifts at the table that morning with the promise of more to come after school.


A few years back we loosely started a tradition where we rotated every birthday year so that one year the birthday kid would get a themed party with friends and all the works and then the next year would be more of a destination year…where we’d go some place fun as a family and one friend of choice. So yesterday AJ invited his buddy Ian to go with him to a super fun play place after school. Together, with Little O and the rest of the family, we played in play gyms, dodged lazers, had frenzied fun at arcades, cashed in our tickets for playful prizes, ate chicken fingers and fries and then topped it all of with some delicious ice cream.

We then took AJ to an amazing toy store, akin to Mr. Mcgorium’s Wonder Imporium, to pick out a special birthday gift of his choosing. And no surprise, he picked out a Lord of the Rings Lego set.


We will be traveling to my sister’s this weekend for more birthday fun where we will have a casual “zombie” party (AJ chose this theme) with family. Basically I think we’ll just make a brain cake for zombies to eat (AJ’s request) and then run around playing zombie tag. Should be loads of no-fuss fun!


And this kid, well he’s a keeper. He’s super intelligent – loves math, reading, and more. He’s very creative in his own way and vows that he wants to be a screen writer when he grows up. He’s already written the sequel to Mega Mind in his head and has cast characters as well. He’s pulled the female lead “cyber actress” from a girl he saw on a hair cutting app game. He says she’s the perfect fit for the part. I couldn’t agree more. I think we might have a few more gifts for him up our sleeves for this weekend that just might help to foster this creative writing talent. He’s an excellent big brother and is great with his baby sister. Needless to say…he’s our favorite seven year old to date.


Happy Birthday Big Guy!

March 25, 2013



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    March 22, 2013

    How exciting! I can’t even fathom how awesome a 7 year old is, as my little guy is turning 4 in May and already he is pretty incredible!

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    March 22, 2013

    Oh, happy happy birthday!

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