I’m so thrilled to be sharing one of my favorite collabs. A few years back I created a gigantic oversized map for Tiny Traveler Tilda and A Midsummer Mingle. Since them I’ve wanted to do something with it, even had a few ‘almost’ moments with it, but nothing ever felt or lined up right. Until now. I’m so excited to have collaborated with my favorite ladies from Gathre (who make my favorite mats) to finally bring Our World Map to life for all of you!

in recreating this map I felt impressed to call it ” Our World Map” instead of just “World Map”. I really came to love – even more – all the corners of this world we call home. We’re all in this together. It’s our world – the only one we’ve got, and we have a responsibility to her. To learn about her peoples, landscapes and stories. To respect her. To love her. And this mat collab is a perfect way to share all of that with our children – our worlds future.

One of my favorite aspects of this map is that it can be lain flat to use as a play mat…

Or it can be hung on the wall!

Gathre has added two tabs to the back for easy hanging. I’ve found that if you glue two command strips to the backs of each tab, you can hang with ease, also allowing for a straighter hang if you like that look.

And not only that…there are place mat sizes, which are just to die for.


I love how these work for a homeschool environment. And are perfect for the breakfast table too! More pics showcasing that up next.



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    April 26, 2018

    Where can I get your map from?

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      May 5, 2018

      the large map will be back in stock soon on gathre.com. the smaller placemats are still available.


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    Katie Hinkle

    May 6, 2018

    I love the map & will be ordering one for my son’s birthday! Do you mind sharing where the stool are from? I’m in love with them too! Thank you!

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      May 7, 2018

      oh thank you! The stools are from a consignment store in Park City. xo Mer

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    Brooke Facente Chin

    June 18, 2018

    When will this be available to purchase?

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    August 16, 2018

    Hi! I’m looking at hanging my Gathre and mine only has one tab on the back. What kind of glue did you use to attach the command strip? And how did it hold up over the few months?

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      August 17, 2018

      Hi Rachel,

      So I super glued two command strips to the back side (I think could work on the part that there is no tab). It’s held up great so far. The tabs are still on the back and we just put them up where the strips are on the wall and take it down when we want to play with it on the floor.

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        August 21, 2018

        Thanks! I’ll give it a shot!


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