So a couple of months ago my friend @metacoleman_ called me up exclaiming that tickets to Paris were crazy good so we should book right then for a trip to @maisonetobjet and @iloveplaytime. So of course I said YES to my very favorite city in the world! and promptly purchased tickets. Our friend @sarahjanestudios also decided to join in on the fun. As did Jon, my brother and little sister, so… 🎉. With less than a week before I leave I still can hardly believe it. It’s nippy there so I’m looking to stay cozy, dreaming of this Shearling Gabba coat and the Victoria boot from Toast and this incredible bag by Atlas Supply Co & am starting to pack my suitcase. In reality my Paris wardrobe will pretty much just be black all over (and I wish I looked this cool irl) but I am so excited to say that I WILL in fact be taking this bag with me! I’m so thrilled because it’s a perfect work backpack – I can even bring my watercolors with me and my camera without any problems. So I’m hoping to have more watercolor sketches of Paris to share with you guys later!


Here are some additional dream items I’d LOVE to put in my suitcase for a cozy winter time in the city of love:

this oversize hand bag

I have a soft spot for plaids right now

love the playful yet sophisticated nature of this blouse

this snuggly top has me wanting to cuddle

these oversized leather trousers look so fun

this wool coat also look so fun and warm

love these boots for a more dressy event

this simple wool jumper looks small enough to pack light but still cozy

cozy but not bulky socks

sweetest pom hat

this faux fur wrap 

and these dreamy gloves

I’d also love any suggestions of things I just can’t miss? I’ve been to Paris twice and have done all the museums, and tourist sites, now I need more insider tips. I’d love to hear from you! Eeeeep I’m getting so excited.

January 3, 2017



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    January 25, 2017

    I am going to Paris too in less than 2 weeks and will have my sister and brother and sister in law and my 12 year old too! She’s been in French immersion for 6 years, so she will be our translator when needed! So excited to see your list of what you would like to bring!

    Tickets were super inexpensive and we will celebrate our winter birthdays.

    I may hit some of the lesser known museums (the Middle Ages one sounds cool) and hopefully Versailles. I too have been to many of the museums before, but hope to get see some of the lesser known ones. Les Deux Magots is on my list again for their hot cocoa!

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    da AL

    February 1, 2017

    well done!

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    Marta Nefertari

    April 7, 2017

    How beautiful!

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      April 12, 2017

      thanks Marta! xo


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