We’ve got the blues!

mer mag King of Sleep with shak-shuka

I don’t know about you guys but we’ve got a solid case of the blues around here! But don’t worry, it’s not bring us down. Just the opposite in fact. We’re loving anything and everything blue lately and are particularly in love with these picks from one of our favorite online shops, Shak-Shuka.

This little King of Sleep loves to get all snuggly and these items do just the trick: Sky Clouds Blanket (used as a cape); Raccoon Sweatshirt, Blue Stripes Casual Pants, DIY Poster board crown.

mer mag King of Sleep with shak-shuka

We’re loving these blue inspired toys from Shak-Shuka as well:

1. Magnetic A-Z 2. Fearne Fox, 3. Blue Stripes Casual Shirt 4. “Chien” MIBO backpack 5. Blue Sailing Boat

skak-shuka Bluesmer mag King of Sleep with shak-shuka


And to make this crown, we simple used a large sheet of blue poster board , cut some points for the top, painted a few circles on it and then taped it together. Fun and simple.

Needless to say, Little O loves to be the king. Clearly he’s a little ham too. Doesn’t take much to get him to strike a pose…or two. Such a fun loving sweet little boy and I’m crazy about this stage (he’s still 100% convinced he’s going to Mario when he grows up. Seriously convinced) . I always think it’s so unfair that we can’t bottle up these moments as mammas. But these little pics will just have to suffice.


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    June 5, 2014

    Love the crown idea! I adore your selection of blue toys.


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