Pringle Can Pilgrims


We don’t have a lot of Thanksgiving decor. I’m one of those that doesn’t mind Christmas merging into Thanksgiving because I think the spirit behind both holidays needs to go together. But I also think the history behind the first Thanksgiving and of course the attitude of gratitude needs to be shared and fostered. So this year we decided to make a pair of pilgrims out of discarded Pringle chip cans. You can find instrux over on Minted’s Julep blog today.

MerMagPringleCanPilgrims2 MerMagPringleCanPilgrims3

Once you’ve made your pilgrims you can keep going with a set of Wampanoag Native American’s that feasted with the settlers (and introduced popcorn, yay!). I also think it’s important to tell the true story of the Native Americans this time of year. I found this on the National Geo Kids site: “The peace between the Native Americans and settlers lasted for only a generation. The Wampanoag people do not share in the popular reverence for the traditional New England Thanksgiving. For them, the holiday is a reminder of betrayal and bloodshed. Since 1970, many native people have gathered at the statue of Massasoit in Plymouth, Massachusetts each Thanksgiving Day to remember their ancestors and the strength of the Wampanoag.”

So in addition to gratitude we talk about religious freedom, respecting cultures, working together while loving and accepting differences in others and more. All while sharing pumpkin pie and fluffy mashed potatoes with loved ones.




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