Simple Scenes: Back in the Saddle


It’s Monday! which means we’re back in the saddle and trying to get our ducklings in a row before summer is here. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE? It’s been drizzly and rainy so I’m happily in denial. I know you’re already scheming of what to do with little bouncy and bored kiddos so be sure to check out our online Kids Craft Camp! And if you’re local (Utah County) I’m super happy to share that I’ll be putting on a REAL LIFE ARTS CAMP for your littles too! Like for reals! So much more on that soon!!


So for now just pass along productive Monday thoughts my way (and sleepy nap thoughts for this squirly one) so I can get everything done for you all so very soon!!!





images via instagram. follow my comings and goings here.

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