PLAYFUL film trailer: Behind the Scenes

Lucy and Doll | Mer Mag Playful film shoot

This weekend we shot the film trailer for my book Playful: Fun Projects to Make With + For Kids with Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films. I really love working with him. He’s so great with kids, has lovely ideas and took us to some amazing locations such as this dreamy field below. We used a lot of amazing clothing from companies such as Mabo Kids (I’m smitten with her clothing such as this Wynn dress above on Lucy with our trapeze doll from the book) and Alfie Children’s Apparel (that hat!!). Oh and I was lucky enough to get some set styling help from friend and children’s design expert Meta. We sort of finish eachother’s sentances so it works out super great.

Mer Mag Playful film shoot

And how cute is this behind the scens shot (below) of all our girls for the shoot? (the boys were off playing on piles of dirt and couldn’t be kept still for more than a few mintutes). This is in a new shared studio space that is in the process of being updated (although I simply had to sneak in an use the weathered industrial aspects of it for my trailer before it got too glossy ;)). I can’t wait to use it more down the road! Will make things so much better and more exciting!

Mer Mag Playful film shoot

I simply can’t wait to see the finished trailer! And when it’s ready to go I’ll be sure to share it will all of you!


And mark your calendars for Sept. 16 because that is when Playful hits the shelves. Pre-order online now for a discount! Oh and I’m working on my book launch party. More details on that soon!



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    September 3, 2014

    I placed my order 5 months ago! I can’t wait until it arrives! Your work is awesome and I’m excited to do some fun things with my daughters.


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