I’m thrilled to share two pieces that I was able to design with beautiful children’s clothier Ira Love Mae. In this collaborative collection, ‘Of Land and Sea’ I was inspired by both the simple nature found on land and sea (and sailor collars!). 🍂

(And speaking of inspiring nature, I’ve been so taken with the color and texture of these wild weeds that I’ve seen growing in fields around our neighborhood. I knew at once it was time to make another nature crown!)
A narrative began in my head of two friends – pen pals, Velma and Orson- one on land and one on sea. And the letters they would write to each other sharing their magnificent and difficult experiences in each place. And even sometimes mailing a soft friend back and forth – in an effort to feel like the other was close near by.   The Velma dress, made from a soft petal linen, is named after my grandmother – who I feel a strong kinship with. She was a painter and creator. She made a life for my father and his siblings in rural Boulder, Colorado – building their mid century dream home from the ground up – all by reading books. (I so wish I owned their home now!). She cultivated art and creativity and a strong sense of DIY in her home. Each of the kids rooms had loft beds hung from the ceiling. We loved climbing up into them as kids – it was magical. As a child I was in awe of everything about her – her paints, her clothing and her home. And I love that this Velma sailor dress is a tribute to her. And with a matching dress for your dolls as well!There are several doll styles available in the Velma dress. See them all here. Which one is your favorite?The Orson dungarees were inspired by life on land and named after my great grandfather Theras Orson. He was a lover of music, opera and plays. He raised my grandfather with the notion that fun and play were not trivial things, but important ways to live life to the fullest. Consequently my grandfather was always at the ready to add jolly to every family event and never too tired to play pretend with his grandkids. The Orson dungarees are so soft – and have pockets! – making them the perfect piece for play.
Miss M also gives her stamp of approval for super softness on these dungarees! (as well as the Velma dress). She’s very picky about textures and fabrics and it’s hart to find just the right clothing that she feels comfortable. She loves wearing these.
beautiful photography by Shannon Weight.



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