Enjoying the last weeks of summer and free play (and her new peg rail in her room! – how did we live without it?). We’re also getting every last second we can out if this toddler bed. In the works of designing her a new twin bed that I’m so excited about but am hesitant to say goodbye to this one just yet. These goodbyes…to summer and early childhood – just too hard. We’re hoping to get to work on the finalizing the plans and start building her twin bed soon. It will definitely take up more of her play space but we’re trying to see how to best incorporate it so that it doesn’t over crowd things too much. With a small historic home, ‘playrooms’ are not a thing we have. We just don’t have extra rooms or a basement to devote to that, so play much be incorporated into the kids rooms (as well as other spaces in the home).

But we love a good challenge, and are excited to see where thing one takes us!

June 21, 2019
September 23, 2019



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