New Doll Site Launched!!


160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot5_1279Friends I’m so excited to finally share with you my new doll shop, It’ been a long time in the works and it’s almost surreal to see it finally come to life! Each heirloom doll is one-of-a-kind, handmade with a hand painted face. They are oversized at 26″ long (with the exception of the mini dolls) and are the perfect playmates, star gazers, tea party guests, snuggle buddies and the very best of friends.

160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot1_071 160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot7_1705It was such a pleasure to work with photographer Chaunte Vaughn and stylist Meta Coleman as well as so many darling little models for this magical venture. 160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot3_783b

160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot7_1800160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot6_1410b160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot5_1284 160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot5_1325 160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot1_049160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot8_1994SQ doll16 doll15 doll12 160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot8_2135b 160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot6_1479160329_MerMag_Dolls_Shot8_2110

I do hope you’ll hop on over and grow to love our little friends as much as we do around here.



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