If I could fly
Then I would know
What life looks like from up above and down below
I’d keep you safe
I’d keep you dry
Don’t be afraid ‘Amelia’
I’m the satellite
And you’re the sky -Andrew McMahon

C A P S U L E W A R D R O B E : Early Summer Edition: its so sunny and with still a bit of a breeze on the best days. Making it nearly impossible to stay inside and work. I want to be wandering, exploring, lying on the grass and daydreaming with you while your childhood is still open and free. Before you go to school for an entire day. Before this chapter ends and another begins. Loving this playful stripey look for me by @samujistudio and the Lou Shell top and Camille Flutter short by @petitsvilains for you. Seems the perfect ensembles to get lost in the early summer with you. #merscapsulewardrobe #merillustration



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