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I have a confession to make. Every now and then when I’m in a Dr.’s office and I find a really great picture in a magazine…I just have to tear it out (I know, I feel guilty about this). The above pics (from Southern Accents magazine) are from such a time, when I just couldn’t walk away. Of course I’m smitten with coral pinks but I also I really love the eclectic yet unified-by-color design of this room and that fabulous green table! What a great accent color.
LinkFriend and blogger Brooke, of inchmark, also shows just how well these two colors go together. I love it.


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    juliette c.

    November 15, 2008

    The textile patchwork is so armonious for colour and design!

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    November 15, 2008

    ohhh, i’m in love! love this room. it’s just beautiful. i don’t know a girl who couldn’t walk in this room and feel beautiful. I love any room that can do that!

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    November 15, 2008

    That room is fabulous! I love that you tore it out of a mag from the Dr. office! I recently did that with a mag from the library and felt sooo guilty…but I just had to have it for my inspiration files!

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    dwellings and decor

    November 15, 2008

    I really like that color scheme of the greens and pinks. Perfect for a little girls room.

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    November 16, 2008

    Ooh.. it does make a nice room. I love seeing it all together! Congrats on baby Oliver.. man, I love that name. Maybe we’ll get to meet him in person some time?

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    Melissa de la Fuente

    November 17, 2008

    Ah….yes! These ARE gorgeous together!

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    November 17, 2008

    Oh how i love Love LOVE coral pinks with anything.
    Too bad my husband wouldn’t like that combo for my new baby boy…
    But I do have peachy colors in with the baby blue bird quilt.


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