Mini Midsummer Mingle Recap

Mini Midsummer Mingle Roundup | Mer MagWe’ve been receiving photos back from our magical midsummer mingle event! So naturally I had to pop in real quick to post a little teaser post to share the exquisite wonder of this night that I will never ever forget. Ever.


1) top left: photo is taken by Brittany on Instagram and is of Nassari, owner of the lovely Flor de Luz Shop – specializing in gorgeous Mexican dresses (I want one!). She is standing in front of my Tiny Traveler Tilda Map (where I had guests pin flags of where they wanted Tiny Tilda to travel next!). Can’t wait to share more of this map. I think it’s going to be the new backdrop for my boys room…when they have a room of their own…in our new house…that we must get before the summer is out! ahh! (more on that later)).

2) top right: this is one of the sign’s I created for the event. An all too true Shakespeare quote: “Summer’s lease hath all too short a date”.

3) bottom left:  I shared one of my crafts, a paper floral crown,  from my book PLAYFUL (0ut this Sept. 6th but available for pre-oder right now for great deal!) to the first 50 guests to arrive at the party. Can’t wait to share more of these as well!

4) bottom right: We had to most special may pole dance performance put on by my sister-in-laws color guard group. I hear there is a video floating around somewhere which will help to convey the amazement but really, you almost had to be there. These little wood nymphs where so perfect.


Can’t wait to share more on this event along with my fellow hosts, House that Lars Built, Sycamore Street Press, Sarah Jane Studios, One More Mushroom, and Caravan Shoppe. Stay tuned for more exquisite loveliness!



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    sarah c

    July 2, 2014

    Would love to see the video of the may pole dance!


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