We had a little Miffy birthday party for Milla who turned seven. It was simple and fun – which was just what we needed with so much going on in our lives right now. And because it worked so well, I have have a new formula for pulling off a memorable birthday without the overwhelm:

  1. Hiring out for a statement cake. We had this simple but sweet Miffy cake made and it was well worth the price. (specially since we scrimped on the rest of the party decor).
  2. Use what you have around the house for the rest. Paper bags for bunny party favors, cardboard for a simple game of pin the bow on Miffy, milk and snacks.
  3. And balloons. Done and done.

We don’t usually do a lot of character themed parties around here but ever since my trip to Amsterdam, Milla has been talking about a Miffy birthday and she’s been so excited. I’m a long-time fan of Dick Bruna and his art and have been collecting his books before Milla was born. So this seemed the perfect theme to celebrate a favorite soon to be seven year old. And we had a lovely time.

September 23, 2019



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