Our very special collaboration with the lovely TinyPoet.co is officially live. May I share with you our ‘Tiny Poets Society’? This collection is dear to my heart – I love each strong, soft, clever girl in this doll collection – Rupi, Louisa and Beatrix. Each are writers of varying interests and each have a strong and beautiful way of seeing the world.

Each doll comes with a 4×5.5”notebook for your budding poet, play-write, children’s book author, etc. to write and draw in. You will also receive a printable of each doll to color as well as swatches of fabric from the collection to decorate.

Child size matching vests can be found on TinyPoet.co. Dolls are on merrileeliddiardshop.com.
Which Tiny Poet do you resonate most with?

(And thanks to my in house model, as I wasn’t able to schedule a photoshoot for this collection due to current circumstances)

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