My goodness it’s been a long time since I popped in over here. I’ve been pretty active over on Instagram but I guess I needed a bit of a break from the blog format for a bit. Just long enough for me to be missing it again. I’ve been working on so many projects such as my dolls and the website which I’m working hard to get up this month. Oh man…so much on my plate and sometimes so much of me wants to kick it all to the curb. I’ve loved this journey I’ve been on but I feel a need for a change a bit. Not sure what that is just yet but I’m sort of tired of the social media world. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere but I am trying to find my place in it all as a mamma of three whose children are growing older and and one who is growing older right along with them (funny how that happens).


Looking at my oldest, seeing him and how he’s been on this journey with me for this whole creative blog journey. It’s been great. Creativity looks different for him today though. He’s always loved patterns, and art with order. Which is translating itself into math and programming. He’s really intersted in video game programming and really wants to be a You Tube gamer (oh boy). He loves reading too and is in the middle of the Harry Potter series with is pretty magical to see. Today he woke me up at 6 AM telling me he needed a Dumbledore costume stat for his fictional character dress up day at school. Thanks for the notice kid ;). So I made a quick beard and sent him off to school with one of my black drapey jacket thingys and Ollie wore his Harry Potter costume from last Halloween.

Well not two hours into school I get a call from his school saying he face planted on the playground after tripping on the Dumbledore robe. He told me he thought he’d look cool with the robe trailing after him as he ran (which no doubt he did) but it backfired on him. He was pretty shook up as he blacked out for a bit and couldn’t get up right away so I checked him out of school and let him rest and play puzzles (another one of those orderly things he loves to do) at home the rest of the afternoon. banhousemay1 banhousemay3 banhousemay5

I had Milla’s little cousin over today as well and the girls were the cutest little dress up crafters. They changes about 5 times and ended up in comfy clothes going nuts at the homework/craft table.banhousemay7 banhousemay9 banhousemay8banhousemay10  banhousemay12 banhousemay13 banhousemay14 banhousemay15 banhousemay16

I had fun taking snapshots around the house during all of this, feeling free to document all our imperfections and kind of loving them. I feel like our life already has so many stories and I’m not into things that don’t have a bit a character. So even though our dining room still has painted plywood that has been beaten down over the year we’ve been here I really am cool with it. We have plans to change it but I’m really not worrying about it too much. I’m sort of pleasantly resigned to the natural order of things with us and our house. I’m cool with however it long it needs to take and when I don’t feel that way i the future (because I know I will) I’ll know that means it’s time for me to put things into 2nd gear a bit more, you know? And I’m cool with that. banhousemay17 banhousemay18 banhousemay19 banhousemay20So thats us here. Imperfect, a bit slow (and not always in the admiral “slow living” type of way), a bit weathered, definitely imperfect, messily creative and pretty happy and Ok about it all – dust bunnies and all.




April 2, 2016
June 7, 2016


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    June 7, 2016

    Have been catching up on your blog and always love checking in to say hello. So grateful for your attentive words. They inspire me; to be ok with where I am, imperfections and all. <3 I hope A was quickly feeling back to normal. Love the image his aspirations created for me. I hope he gets that feeling of flight again without the fall, takes practice. 😉


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