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One of my very favorite things about a New Year is the clean slate and the push to reorganize. You take down all the lovely Christmas decor and then you see your home in a whole new light and the itch to orgazine, to decorate, to make house, etc. starts to make itself known. And I love it.

The Little’s room has slowly been progressing and I’ve loved adding a bit of girly touches to the the boys already colorful scheme that we have going on. I currently have it designed so that all three kids are packed together like sardines in the same room but we’ll see if things stay that way. Presently baby M is still in her basket in our room but is rapidly growing out of it. Yet I’m nervous to put her in with her brothers straight away. Let’s just that Little O is a bit over-excited about the whole big brother thing and I’m not sure he’d ever leave her alone.


We’ll have to see…But whatever we end up doing, you can bet that January’s focus is all about home decor and reorganizing! Hooray! Like these bookshelves that we finally put up. So happy to see our books and artwork up and making a fun bold statement in the kids room. Makes my heart light every time I enter in. They are, admittedly, a tad cluttered at the moment, but that is what I get for having too many kids books and items for display! I’ll have to work out some sort of rotation schedule of sorts.


Now to conquer the opposite wall. The trouble is that I have so many ideas that I just can’t settle in on one. My favorite one at the moment will take a bit of time…but will end up so great I think…We’ll just have to see…


Either way…I’m super excited to get my home in order. The itch is strong and I’m more than happy to address it. What about you? Do you get the itch to re-decorate or organize in the new year?

January 16, 2013



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    January 21, 2013

    I recently put up some similar (but smaller) shelves in my baby daughter’s room! I love them so much, I want to put some up in my office as well.
    I really like the mix of frames you have- I just used what I had around the house so they are all matchy.

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    January 21, 2013

    Where did you get that little bow? it’s so cute!


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