Kids Halloween Crafternoon


I’ve been craving a fun and low-key get together with friends and with Halloween around the corner, I thought now was the perfect time to grab our littles and join in on some spooky crafternoon fun! My long time friend from art school,┬áDenise, was kind enough to host the event at her cozy craftsman home. A handful of friends and their kids came over just after the kids got out of school and we got to work cutting, pasting, munching and more!



Everyone brought a festive treat to share and we set up a table with various crafts for the kids to work on, such as paper strip pumpkins, paper tube bats and snowflake pumpkins.



it was soooo fun for me to see these kids get into the crafts and put their own stamp on them.


And I loved the fact that after crafting, eating and playing with friends, they would have a gaggle of decorative items to spook up their homes for the season.



We kept everything simple and really low key. I wanted a get together that was simply about getting together for creative fun without too much fuss. It totally paid off.


…and we even let the kiddos bunk on the couch with a Halloween movie for a few minutes in-between cutting and pasting allowing us moms more mingle time while still feeling like our kiddos were creatively edified and enriched (and hey we did have some celery and carrots mixed in with monster cupcakes and candy corn so that equates mom rockstar status in my book).



This was just THE perfect thing for me to dive right into the Halloween season! And now I’m craving a donut…so….


October 8, 2013



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    Artist in LA LA Land

    October 10, 2013

    Oh, looks like such a fun Halloween crafting afternoon. Love seeing how all the kids customized your Halloween crafts. Yes, let the Halloween fun begin!

  2. Reply

    patricia villamil

    October 24, 2013

    wow how fun it was!


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