Keeping them Snuggly and Close…


Do you ever get that ache in your heart sometimes when you look at your kids? That Ache that says “time is speeding by and moments are slipping away”…that ache that reminds you that today is brief…and will not last forever…


Sometimes when I look at my 7 yr old my heart literally sucks inside itself as I clearly remember yesterdays of baby giggles, toddling toes, mommy and me preschool crafts and so much more…


And then in the not so distant past I carried my second little boy anticipating a brother for my first boy… when he turns one…and despite my protests continues to grow…adding a bright ray of happiness, laughter and magic every day to our family…


And then after enjoying each and everyday with my boys, but still yearning for a little lady…this precious gal comes to join in on all the crazy, changing the landscape of our family forever. And now…somehow she will be turning one year tomorrow when just two seconds ago we welcomed her into the world.



Time…it can be a thief…

The seasons have already begun to change and an autumn crispness is in the air. So I’m wrapping them up and holding them close in these incredibly adorable hand knit heirlooms from Toto Knits (my kids were so excited to get mail all the way from Africa…and made by single moms no less…so cool). We love this stripey cowel for AJ (perfect for keeping him warm at the bus stop). I’ve always been crazy about Toto Knits amazing collaboration with Coos and Ahh’s and this sweater is so perfect for Little O. And don’t get me started on these adorable knit leggings and pom pom bonnets…TO DIE FOR…

And tomorrow? Well I’ve not doubt these kids will be perched and itching to spread their wings and soar before I blink twice. But today…today they are still my little pack of birds…and I will hold them under my wing and keep them close for as long as I can…


September 25, 2013
October 8, 2013



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    September 30, 2013

    These pics are beyond precious! Love your big boy’s hair! So cute! Toto Knits is a favorite of mine too. 🙂 Not only are they ridiculously cute, but it’s a great thing to support. 🙂

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      September 30, 2013

      yes, Toto Knits is so lovely in every way. xo


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