It’s Friday! (and apparently we need to go get some donuts)

Playful Boy Blowing Horn

Happy Friday friends! Has this week gone by too too fast for anyone else? I’m up to my neck in Kids Craft Camp prep and I’m so inspired! I can’t wait for the creative messy and playful projects your little ones will be doing. If you’re local (Utah county) and still want you little one to attend, we still have a couple of slots open. Just email me at merrilee liddiard at hotmail dot com.


And if you’re in need of more inspiration to get your weekend going check out these Weekend Links:


I want to make THESE COOKIES to go with our cardboard lollipops!

and speaking of which, I want to live in Gina’s serene, creative Swedish world

I’m only slightly obsessed with how she dresses

this has me giggling (and I sort of want to do it to our claw foot tub when we get one!)

can someone please tell me where i can find one of these shelves? NEED

EVERYTHING in this post. everything.

I could swing in sheets for days

having an itch to go blonde. am i crazy?

this guy. a legend who did his most iconic work when others would have quit. continues to inspire us all today.

oh and apparently it’s national donut day? I won’t fight it. so I guess my kids and i are off stuff our faces with these!





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    June 6, 2015

    Thank you so much for including me here. It makes my day! I’d love to throw a “lollipop” party with you.

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    June 6, 2015

    … knock, knock. Back again: Yes, to Matisse. Oh, man.. inspiring along with Money who took 20 years to paint the iconic waterlilies that he didn’t even start until his 60’s — (ok… there’s that talent) but, tenacity! When I first learned this it inspired me beyond belief!

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      June 8, 2015

      yes! to a lollipop party and to Matisse and Monet! so inspiring (and gives me hope that I will hopefully forever have time to create more beauty in this world!)

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    June 6, 2015

    Monet…. not money! _:-)


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