Eraser Stamp Rainbow Art for St. Patricks Day!


I’m sharing a easy eraser stamp rainbow art project for your little ones to make over on Minted today. And Just in time for St. Patrick’s day! I have a hard time thinking of creative and aesthetically pleasing things to do with shamrocks but I can always get on board with the ever lovely rainbow.

My boys loved making this (they LOVE things that are generally fool proof and have a repetitive methodology about them) and were all about picking which rows of color the each got to do (I had to do the last row of purple as neither one of them would touch it ;). It was a fun way to talk about colors and their similarities, patterns, etc. as well what makes a rainbow, and whether or not there really is a pot of gold at the base of each one (I loved dreaming about this as a little girl).

Hop on over to Minted for the template and full DIY!

7 Responses to “Eraser Stamp Rainbow Art for St. Patricks Day!”

    • Merrilee

      yay! my kids really got into this one too so I hope you all like it. xo Mer


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