We had such a lovely family outing where we made boats from scrap wood and took them down to the river to float them. It was such a simple and sweet activity for us.


To make one yourself: 
1) find a piece of wood that floats well (we found the more rectangular ones float better than the ones that were uneven or split – but for decor or indoor play I love the way the uneven ones look)
2) drill a hole in the raft part of the wood, the size of the twig you’re going to use for the sail
3) insert the twig
4) glue on triangle canvas sail to twig (we used low temp hot glue)
5) connect a string from the top of the sail to the bottom of the raft.
6) cut out and glue small triangles onto string
7) Take your new boat out for a spin on the water! (we recommend tying a string onto one side of the boat if you want to get the boat back!) HAPPY SAILING!


September 14, 2017
October 20, 2017



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