DIY Hand Stamped Swaddle Blankets

I can’t believe I only have a month (or less) left before our bitty baby girl arrives! I’ve been trying to do my best to prepare for her arrival amidst all the many things going on here – back-to-school, illustration work, blogging and more! Little by little things are starting to look like a baby just might be coming to stay in our home soon.

Last week I decided to create a few hand stamped swaddle blankets made out of a gauzy muslin fabric. I like how simple they were to do and how graphic they turned out.
To make these I cut up large squares of muslin fabric. (I referenced Dana’s tutorial for this). I then used black fabric paint and a handmade stamp to create the pattern.
The trick for me was to apply the paint to the stamp with a paint brush before stamping onto the muslin. I got much better stamping coverage this way as opposed to when I just dipped the stamp right into the paint. The coverage of was still varied a bit but I actually like this as it gives it that “hand stamped” feel.
After hand stamping the blanket to my liking, I hemmed the edges of the muslin.
I then created another one from a pretty salmon pink fabric found on my LA Fabric District shopping spree (I think it’s the same fabric as Dana used in her tutorial! what are the chances?). I then used a rain drop stamp for this one…which admittedly looks a bit like watermelon seeds with this color of fabric.
Rain drops? Watermelon seeds? You decide. Either way, I’m so excited to swaddle and cuddle up my little girl in these when she arrives!
Now to find a crib…and perhaps a rocking chair…and…

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  1. thenestingspot

    This is too funny…because I was actually going to make some JUST like this last night but ran out of time. I am due to have baby #3 at the end of this month and am trying to squeeze in baby projects just like you. Since we don’t know the gender this go round I have been focusing on making a new room for the “big kids” to share. I am hoping to make a couple of these blankets tonight. You did a great job and thanks for sharing! I love all your work.

  2. Yo Mamma

    So, Mer Mag, I was reading “The Friend” to my kids at breakfast this morning. I saw a cute illustration and thought, “that looks just like something Merilee would do.” Lo and Behold it was Tuesday Mourning. Congrats to you on your many accomplishments; you have deserved each one! It’s fun to see your illustrations and talents everywhere. 🙂

  3. Jaime Fernandez

    These are wonderful!! I have been trying to spice up some plain white onesies for my new little. I think this is the ticket. Rain drops all the way! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Nicole

    I love these! Where did you buy your fabric? I have heard that the gauze from and also from Joann’s gets stiff with washing. Wondering about your experience with this?

    • Merrilee

      yes, the coral that I got from the fabric district is soft and wonderful. The white is from Joann’s and is a bit more stiff but still works for wrapping up baby. I’m hoping to find some of this soft stuff local or on line.


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