Miss Milla and I had some creative fun today decorating faces with scraps of fabric, yarn, buttons and other trimmings. (We used old ripped clothing – so no going to the store ☺️). We already have ideas for using other decorating items such as flowers, leaves and even pasta noodles! So simple but endlessly entertaining. Download this fun and creative craft HERE!

There is also a boy face style as well as different skin tones to play with. There’s also loads more printables and kiddo crafts in the shop and on the blog here and in my book Playful. Hopefully we can make something beautiful out of this time of worry and uncertainty. 😘🧡🌿


We’re so thankful for all of you and your support during this crazy time. Here’s hoping these help you out a bit too. Tag your face creations with @mer_mag and #mermag, #playcreatively so we can see the fun things you come up with.






January 28, 2020
March 25, 2020



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