We love gifts that encourage creativity and Kid Made Modern is full of great craft kits to chose from that do just that!

Miss Amelia has been especially in love with beading these days. Something about the pattern making and stringing is so much fun and therapeutic for her. She’s now planning on stringing and  gifting a necklace or bracelet to all of her friends this year for Christmas. I love the she’s already using her hands to make gifts for others!


When she first started she was very interested in making a pattern. Then as things went along she loved mixing it up a bit. It’s so fun to see little creative minds plan and sort things out. We are especially in love with Rock Star Jewelry making kit. The rocks are so pretty and smooth to the touch, making it a very pleasing tactile experience for kids (and adults – I got in on the fun too!). The natural design on the rocks are very pretty as well.

In the end I think her necklace creation was so lovely. I think we have a budding jewelry designer hear, because she’s hooked!


We have the Jewelry Jam kit as well that she just can’t wait to get her hands on. But she just might have to wait for the holiday break for that one. Thinking I need a distraction for her little hands and creative minds while I’m getting everything in oder for Old Saint Nick to come.


December 6, 2017


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    Tara Shopper

    December 6, 2017

    Our kids
    usually try to copy us in every way. Here is another way to keep them indulged along with literally getting some work done. This is by far the easiest of activities I’ve mentioned above. All you need for this activity is only a pile of washed laundry.


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