Craft Your Christmas!

Craft Your Christmas! with Mer Mag

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And here at Mer Mag that means it’s the most wonderful time of year to make and create! We’ve always liked to craft our Christmas and these are just a few of our favorite things we have made in years past. Hopefully they will help inspire you to make and create a few things yourself!


1. And ever fan favorite, our reindeer and santa hat digital decals to spruce up and personalize your gift giving!

2. We’re pulling out our tissue box Christmas village this year and with duct and glitter tape, it’s still gorgeous and intact, ready for year number two!

3. The boys and baby girl are crazy about these modern snowman blocks – seriously, they’re playing with them non-stop.

4. We need to make another one of these Santa Cookie Plates with Baby M included! Better get to it as I know my boys would be devastated if we didn’t use this for Santa’s goodies this year

5. We’re already into our Christmas Book Advent this year but it’s not to late to start one of your own if you want to count down the days with cuddles and story time! My boys are crazy anticipating the day we get to read the Nutcracker.

6. One of my all time favorite Christmas endeavors – Our IKEA RIBBA Picture Ledge Christmas Tree! My brother is coming out this weekend and he says he’s ready for another crazy Christmas project. Not going to have a problem putting him to it in Santa’s workshop!

7. We loved our Paper Strip Wreath craft last year so much that we had to make multiples and include a circle-punch snowball wreath. So easy and fun to make!

8. And these illustrated downloadable gift tags, for Creature Comforts gift guide a few years back, are still on the top of the list for favorite Christmas trimmings and trappings.


And this is just a starter list. We have so many fun things we have loved working on in the past and so many more in store for this month, so stay tuned!

And are you counting down the days until Christmas with ourĀ 24 Merry Days giveaway yet?! Today’s is so cool. It’s with 1000 Threads blog and she’s giving away an amazing $100 gift card to Artifact Uprising. I want all of these people. such great stuff.


December 3, 2013



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