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About a year ago I found the most adorable vintage dress while thrifting in Colorado with my sister. I’ve been waiting for Miss M to fit it and now she finally does! So the other week we had lovely time playing hide and seek, drawing pictures and putting Free Babes adorable bows on Mr Bunny (who I’m hopping to have a few more of in the shop for Easter).

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I adore these days with a little one at home still. She might be our last so I’m trying to savor these silly hide-and-seek games and her little cuddly personality. She’s so sweet and polite (she says “thank you mom” after just about everything I say) and I just love her. Many why do kids have to grow up so fast?


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    Pomme coing

    February 23, 2016

    Yes, why do they grow up so fast? Like you, I try to keep these moments engraved for ever !


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