An Inside Look into mer’s Fairy Friends Books!


I’m so excited to share a more in depth look at my Fairy Friends books? If you’re familiar with my fairy friends nature paper dolls, which you can download and decorate here,  you’ll see where this series started to take flight. I loved using nature to transport these little sprites into the very real and magnificent world of nature. I knew there were stories for them that had to be created, and when Gibbs Smith (publisher to all things BabyLit) contacted me about just such an idea the Fairy Friends book journey began. These hard book primers teach kids the basics of counting, opposites, colors, and seasons through floral collages intertwined with whimsical illustrations. Do you have your set yet? They are available wherever books are sold online and in a bookstore near you. I’d love to know which is your favorite!? We have a hard time deciding over here. Amelia has memorized Opposites and Counting but also loves seeing the fairies travel through Seasons and always wants to share what Color of fairy she wants to be! (which changes almost each read)

fairy friends books

And speaking of COLORS, Let’s start here! Sunny fairy is yellow like a canary; Violet fairy is purple like a floral ring; Armanth fairy is pink like roses; Persimmon fairy is orange like a monarch. And so much more!


colorsgreencolorspurplebrownAnd after seeing so many lovely colors in nature, the reader is prompted to ask, “what color of fairy would you be?”. I loved hearing the answer to this question at my book release party! The kids were so eager to share! My favorite was the little girl who answered “gray”. Now I def need to illustrate a gray fairy. allcolors


Fairy Friends COUNTING takes us on a counting adventure discovering sweet little knick knacks used in the world of fairies like 1 acorn hat for wearing or 3 toadstools for sitting. The imagination of the magical miniature world really comes to life in this book and my daughter is all about it.

counting1-2b counting3-4 counting5-6 counting9-10a counting11-12     fairy-opposites-cover

Fairy Friends OPPOSITES is a fast one for memorization. Miss Milla was reading this one back to me very quickly and is quick to pick this book up. She loves pointing out that somethings are high and somethings are low, or that somethings are a hard and that somethings are soft. It’s the sweetest to see. opposites7-8 opposites5-6opposites11-12 opposites15-16 img_8527seasonscoverfinal2

Fairy Friends SEASONS was actually the premises for this entire series. I had originally wanted to do one book for each season (which I still might do!).  I love the ideas of little sprites sledding down hills on sticks and gathering autumn leaves, sailing in summer and more and seeing them come to life in this book is so fun.seasons1-2  seasons13-14 seasons15-16 seasons17-18

The seasons circle back around again to begin yet another year of fairy fun!

These books were such a labor of love for me. I enjoyed meeting each fairy and discovery more about each personality. It’s been so fun to create companion fairy dolls to go along with the books and it’s a joy to see little ones enjoy each together. (oh and I still have a few spaces left for pre-order fairy dolls before the holiday rush hits, so I’d suggest getting on it quick if you’re interested).


Read another lovely review of the books over on A Blessed Nest!

October 17, 2016



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    Tonya McKinny

    October 11, 2016

    Your creations are so beautiful!

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      October 13, 2016

      oh thanks friend! xo Mer

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    October 12, 2016

    These are so beautiful!!!!

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      October 13, 2016

      thanks dear. xo Mer

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    October 19, 2016

    Hi! I LOVE these books and will be buying some for gifts soon! But I just have to mention a little typo: Souring through clouds which I’m assuming should be Soaring!

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      October 29, 2016

      Oh how funny! it’s fixed on the final versions. Just not on the one here. Will update the image. thx


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