An Easy Autumn Owl Garland and a Happy Birthday boy!


This crazy kid turned five last week and we celebrated with a jaunt to arcade heaven, pizza and ice cream, a horde of Star Wars figures.


And to keep decor fun, simple and appropriate for the season, we made this simple little owl garland. I love these little guys because not only are they cute and easy to make, but perfect for fall decor. Make a strew of black ones for halloween or add a row of orange for festive Thanksgiving decor.


To get the template and full diy,  jump over to Minted.


And now to get a move on with our very last minute costume making…

5 Responses to “An Easy Autumn Owl Garland”

  1. lyndsay // coco cake land

    CUTE! that is a crazy awesome owl garland, merrilee! so funny, i have had a great run with old blogger too and am currently developing my site… hope to launch in january… love this post, as i do all of your work! xo PS happy birthday to your 5 year old cutie!!


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