A Midsummer Mingle: Part 1

MidsummerMingle20140621_0142 I’m so excited to say that we’ve received a great many lovely Midsummer Mingle photos from our photographer, Natalie Norton. I have a few follow up posts in mind, as the event was filled to the brim with amazing loveliness, so I thought I’d start out with just a few pics that make me smile with giddiness and give you just a bit of an idea of the magic of the night. MidsummerMingle20140621_0010 (above map designed by me  and letter pressed by Sycamore Street Press. Paper flowers by House that Lars Built.) The event (the brain child of the lovely Brittany, of House that Lars Built) was  put on as a big THANK YOU to all of YOU! And as Brittany says “we’re boldly calling it a smashing success”. (OK I added the “smashing” bit). MidsummerMingle20140621_0226 (In the above photo, fellow hosts: Brittany, Meta, Eva, Sara, Merrilee and Melanie) Brittany asked a few of us colleagues to join in on all the fun and we all jumped at the chance. Putting this on with dear friends who I adore and respect, House that Lars Built, Sycamore Stree Press, One More Mushroom, SarahJane Studios, and Caravan, was half the beauty of such an event (and can I just say we managed to pull of all this craziness off in just 3 weeks! Next year we’ll give ourselves a little more time. And yes, we definitely want to do this next year!). We know so many of you live far away and couldn’t attend and space was limited for locals as well (we ended up with about 300 guests when we anticipates a little over 200!) So we’re all posting as much as we can about the mingle to share it will all who were not able to make it. MidsummerMingle20140621_0083 We couldn’t have pulled this amazing event off without the help of lovely and liked minded sponsors such as Cricut. Stay tuned for more of our paper crafts from each of us (such as Meta’s darling paper frame pictured above)  made with their Explore. All of our sponsors, whom I will list later in this post, really helped to make it possible for us to set the stage for a magical and beautiful evening. Truly it was like three weddings all rolled into one night! MidsummerMingle20140621_0271Each of the hosts put together a miniature experience for the guests to walk through and engage in . Above you will see (an iphone instagram shot) of myself and my neices, who helped me with some of my experiences. We’re hanging out in SarahJane’s lovely enclave of midsummer magic. More on that in my next post but these pics share a bit of the interactive wonder each host brought to the Mingle. I spy some seriously gorgeous indigo dyed paper by Eva below! MidsummerMingle20140621_0093 And I decided that I simply must bring Tiny Traveler Tilda to the mingle! MidsummerMingle20140621_0150Can you see her flying in on her paper mache balloon in my space above? More on her and this map later too! MidsummerMingle20140621_0154 MidsummerMingle20140621_0160SMMidsummerMingle20140621_0236 (above photo of Melanie’s hand lettered notes) The rest of the evening was filled with overwhelming amazement and gracious guests (all dressed in summer white!). Balloon sculptures (by Brittany and her interns), jaw dropping flowers (hello Lizzy Bowden!), and the sweetest of sweetest Maypole dances choreographed and put on by my sister-in-law, Mariann and her color guard troupe. MidsummerMingle20140621_0270 I’m still dreaming about this event and often want to disappear back into this Midsummer Mingle land. Maybe next year we’ll make it a two night event because taking it all down was nigh unto the let down you feel when taking Christmas down at the end of the season. None of us wanted it to end. So it’s a good think I’ll be posting more! Just to keep the momentum of it all alive.


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sponsor poster

Thank you to our sponsors:

Cricut (stay tuned for our projects!)
Save on Crafts for the amazing lighting (seriously, they have so many wonderful options!)
Lizy’s Lilies for the florals
Ramblin Rose Cafe for the food
Called to Surf and Blickenstaffs
And thank you to the swag bag sponsors: Darly Bird, Atly, Hello Maypole
See more Midsummer Mingle recaps over on One More Mushroom, Caravan Shoppe, MerMag, Sarah Jane Studios, and the House that Lars Built. – See more at: http://sycamorestreetpress.com/blog/midsummer-mingle/#more-7536



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    July 7, 2014

    It’s all so beautiful, what a dream team you ladies are.

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      July 11, 2014

      Thanks Jennifer! Please do come join us next year! I’d love to catch up. xo Mer

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    September 6, 2014

    Wow! Just, wow! What a beautiful thing to do – you ladies are all so talented and skillful!


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