A ’10 Things I Love About You’ Birthday Cake

10 Things I Love About You Cake | Mer Mag

Our oldest celebrated his 10th birthday yesterday (I can’t believe we’ve hit double digits!) and we made him a ’10 Things I Love About You’ ice cream cake. We made the cake by layering several kids of Atticus’ favorite ice cream flavors (mint chip, cotton candy and birthday cake) in-between layers of crushed Oreos drizzled with caramel. We used Oreo cookie crust for the bottom of the cake. Then I pushed in an entire tub of sprinkles into the ice cream after it had been assembled and frozen for a few hours.

As a family we all chose words that made us think of Atticus and why we love him and then put them on little flags attached to skewers. He loved it and I know it made him feel particularly special on this day. The cake was super yummy too and was devoured quite quickly. yummmmmm.

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