We’re off to Disneyland!


We surprised the kids with tickets to Disneyland on Easter Sunday. We hid them under their plates at brunch. I had made Mickey Mouse necklaces (from my Playful wooden doll face necklace DIY) and given them to each child. We asked them why the Easter bunny would bring these to them and they just shrugged. So we prompted them to look under their plates to find vintage tickets that I had printed out for them (as place holders of course). The went crazy! We then told them that we were leaving that night…which was followed by looks of unbelief and squeals. So much fun!



Excited to share more when we return. In the meant time feel free to follow along with me on Instagram. xo

April 17, 2015



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    April 11, 2015

    What a lovely and exciting surprise for the kids Mer! Hope you’re all having a wonderful time. And Congrats on the new home! Excited to see all you do with it, it’s looking lovely so far. xo

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    April 18, 2015

    Thanks Jen! We had such a memorable time. We all look back with such fondness. xo Mer

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